Specialist Offshore Services has chosen to partner with Nautilus Rigging and recommends and supplies their Subsea ROV Hooks. Our distributor agreement allows us to supply the the full range of subsea and surface hooks. We chose to recommend these industry leading and Innovative Nautilus Hooks to our clients because the technically advanced design with patented “positive locking” function not only sets new standard for safe, secure subsea lifting but also this design, puts safety first while still improving ease of use  for the rigging crew on deck.

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The Safer lifting, efficient solutions Nautilus Hooks™ is setting a new standard in global workplace safety, revolutionising the lifting industry and heralding the next generation of hooks. The unique safety features and design of this lifting hook eliminate the risk of pinch and trap injuries, and the configuration between handle and lock leads to an easier arm action to alleviate wrist strain.

Nautilus Rigging SubseaHooks™

Nautilus Rigging ROV hooks

Nautilus ROV hooks incorporate patented locking technology with unique “Positive Locking” function, ensuring load integrity in the subsea environment. Innovative and cost effective, Nautilus subsea hooks eliminate the risk of load self-release, ensuring safe and secure subsea lifting operations.



Key Benefits and Safety Features:

  • Unique “positive locking” function eliminates risk of self release
  • Outward opening locking arm eliminates “slings” fouling behind latch
  • Self locking under load – load remains securely locked until released by ROV
  • 4:1 safety factor – working load limit 22 tonnes
  • Nautilus subsea hooks are manufactured to EU standard BS/EN 1677-1+A1/2008
  • Individually proof tested to 2.5 x working load limit
  • Nautilus ROV Hooks are fatigue rated to 20,000 cycles at 1.5 x the working load limit.
  • Supplied with manufacturer’s test certification
  • Patented Nautilus Design – USA Patent Number US 8,240,727 B2

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