Note from the Directors

Specialist Offshore Services have a growing presence as a supplier of specialist subsea equipment and services to the ROV, diving, hydrographic survey, environmental,geophysical and Met-ocean industries.

Key personnel are fully experienced in Subsea ROV IRM projects and are able to evaluate operations and advise possible improvements to improve task efficiency and project performance. while ensuring full compliance with relevant Industry Standards and established Industry Guidelines, especially IMCA.

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality in all aspects of the business activities and are committed to implementing and maintaining an integrated business management system to comply with ISO9001:2015 . Ensuring we manufacture and deliver quality products efficiently, in a professional and flexible environment, on time and at the right cost. While striving to grow our business into a world-class organisation.

We will consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our clients. We promise to actively pursue improvements in design and functionality utilising new technologies and new practices.

To implement these policies we shall focus on the needs of our business with particular reference to consistently meeting our customer’s requirements and statutory obligations. Our quality management system will provide mechanisms for detecting system shortfalls and for stimulating process improvements.


Code of Practise

Our code of practise summarizes our operational policies and our commitment to quality customer service:

  • Specialist Offshore Services is committed to the provision of a high standard of quality and continuous improvement of its services
  • Specialist Offshore Services complies with all national/international and state regulatory and legislative requirements
  • specialist Offshore Services implements, monitors and maintains effective financial management procedures.
  • Specialist Offshore Services maintains secure, accurate and confidential HR, customer and financial records
  • Specialist Offshore Services advertises and markets its services openly, honestly and with integrity
  • Specialist Offshore Services ensures a safe and healthy environment for employees
  • Specialist Offshore Services prohibits discrimination in any form towards any employee or customer

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