Performance Under Pressure.

Specialist Offshore Services Pty Ltd was established in Oct 2010. The Ideals and goals for this expanding company are a result of greater than 40 years combined experience in the ROV and subsea industry.

Having experience in operational, support and managerial positions with major firms such as Subsea 7, Technip, I-tech, Fugro, DOFSubsea, Acergy and Sonsub and with firm beliefs that innovation, redesign and utilisation of modern methods and materials can simplify ROV operations and operational tooling, giving savings in operations timing. Further savings in equipment cost, through efficiency improvements and increased reliability during operations. The company strives to supply the most effective solutions to the demands of evolving ROV operations.

Specialist Offshore ServicesInitially tooling was designed to relieve the frustrations felt when operating ineffective tooling or when supervising operations utilizing ineffective or poorly designed systems during offshore subsea operations. The ROV Industry has a large number of tools or operational processes that have not evolved since 1st design many years ago. Modern materials and Improvements in machining technology can be utilized to remove this technology gap and improve all facets of operations. However if equipment works well we would rather support these products than reinvent the wheel”.

We have a regional partnership with the Seatronics Group (the Global leader in subsea equipment sales and rental). This partnership allows us to be able to offer the best and newest industry products to our regional customers and in return we receive global exposure for our tooling solutions. We are impressed by how much Seatronics invests in its equipment pool every year, not just keeping in line with competitors but moving their pool ahead of opposition and widening the gap year on year.

“Where we have used equipment offshore that has proved to be measurably better than competitors, we approach those companies as a willing distributor and support partner for their products regionally. Working with companies and products you believe in makes life much easier. We do not want to become a supermarket for large industry names.”

Currently in addition to Seatronics and their partners Specialist Offshore Services also distribute equipment for Digital Edge Subsea a world leader in the production of offshore digital video recording (DVR) and inspection systems. We are also distributors for the Nautilus Rigging range of hooks. Nautilus Rigging hooks importantly bring huge improvements in safety for the rigging crew and also easy for the ROV to handle and the positive locking gate eradicates the risk of losing cargo through the splash zone.

Environmental Issues are at the top of our agenda and as such all our equipment is designed to ensure it can work with environmentally friendly fluids. We are Dedicated to providing safe, high quality and environmentally friendly services and will intensify these efforts as global demands for environmentally friendly products continue to increase.

“Over the next few years we will be expanding our tooling, equipment services and support”.

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