Subsea Cable Quotations

Specialist Offshore Services understands from many years of operational frustrations that the method of specifying Subsea Cables and the lead times offered by cable & connector manufacturers does not fit with day to day project requirements.
Are you frustrated by the time it takes to specify and order Subsea Cables? We were - Now there is and APP for that!
First in industry - Save time specifying, Save time ordering, get what you want, when "YOU" need it, at a price that is realistic.

Specialist Offshore Services maintains strong relationships with short lead time suppliers and can supply most common cables in time for your project. 

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The cable quotation web applications is intended to simplify ROV / Subsea cable ordering.
The initial app is simple and (hopefully) intuitive. We will develop the app for other OEM's cable types and cable configurations and we would welcome your comments to assist with that growth process.
Do you have a good idea or rolling requirement? Let us know and we will attempt to ensure your preferences and requirements are incorporated as a priiority.
This system is primarily intended for use with Subsea vehicles :

  • All classes of ROVs, AUVs, trenchers,

  • Subsea instrumentation,

  • Subsea cameras, and lights.

Targeting support for all subsea remote technology systems.

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