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The Cable Quotation App is designed to allow easier specification and quoting of ROV and other Subsea Cables. The end goal is to customise the system so end users can utilise best in class cables and connectors and importantly, take delivery in the fastest possible times.




Easy, cost effective, efficient, cable and connector ordering system. An Industry 1st solution.

Save time, Save money. Eliminate ordering errors. Allow offshore technicians to specify exact requirements quickly and easily, while maintaining office based budgetary purchase and ordering controls. 

Quoting Connector parts from only best in class connector manufacturers and ensuring moulding company has quality build and testing procedures in place.

Partnered with Seatronics to ensure global availability. Seatronics have cable moulding facilities in key locations with high stock levels and proficient and trained technicians. Ensuring full understanding throughout the procurement and supply chain process.

The Subsea cable Quotation App is a industry first user configurable system utilising simple drop down menu's that match with the manufacturers connector type and allows cable customisation.  Wiring configurations are customisable for individual requirements.

Coax's, Twisted pairs, quads, or ethernet requirements can be communicated in the comments this encourages possibilities for a dialogue between customer and client to ensure 100% satisfaction.

The system is not designed to be able to accomodate all available OEM cable and connector types within the drop down system, but does allow for precise custom cable requirements to be communicated without the usual back and forth email requirements. Get the cable you require with no fuss and get it right 1st time and within standard and controlled budgetary expectations.

Please supply comments and suggestions to allow us to improve the process. Comments will not fall on deaf ears and will make a difference.

Desktop app is in development to better serve those onboard vessels with poor internet connections.

Selection of a drop down on the left side will change the right side drop down to match. The left side can then be set to any required available setting.

There has been a lot of work in the background to ensure the system is consistent and the options can apply across as many cable types as possible so at times some selections will have few options.

The system is fairly straight forward and those that have ordered cables will have little difficulty achieving a quick result and hopefully a satifactory quote.

If there are questions regarding certain manufactures ordering requirements. Please follow the links on the instruction pages.
Or access the individual OEM websites.

Drop down Menu's are dependent on previous selecttions so always ensure that the system is completed from top to bottom.

Selection of brand will change the options avaiable in the series and then the series selection will affest the option for special designation, style, shell size and pin options. There should not be any options that are not available from the OEM. 
If your option is not available please lnorm us and we will get the system upgraded asap.

When the drop down selections are complete enter Number and length and any preference for cable type.

Then if the cable is wired pin to pin ENSURE the appropriate tick box is selected.
This will remove the pinout selection section for quicker easier ordering.

Pinout drag and drop section skipped when "Pin to Pin" Wiring selected.

Complete any comments and continue.

Drag from the left side and connect to the correct pin on the right side.

Comment on cable specific reqiuirements such as Coax core and screen pin numbers or twisted pair numbers etc.

Complete the personal details section.
Note only the email is a "Required entry"

Although to assist us with providing as accurate a lead time as possible all entries will be required. 

A registration page will be added. This will allow users to save cable configurations and previous orders. 
Please Click only once.

The system returns a thank you page and an email is sent with a copy of the PDF Drawing. The Email is sent to Specialist Offshore Services and a quote will be issued as soon as is practical.


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